We Asked and You Answered: Thanks for Helping the Trees

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Last year the City of Kitchener appealed to residents to help our new trees thrive – and you did!

This was the situation in 2016

It’s not just farmers worried about the impact of the current drought conditions in Southwestern Ontario. City officials are appealing to residents to help the new trees across the city thrive by watering one newly planted tree in their neighbourhoods. Recently planted trees require regular watering even under normal conditions, because they lose 90-95 per cent of their root system at the time of planting.  Regular tree watering ensures ensure trees survive and are healthy.

New trees recently planted by the City of Kitchener are identified by the green watering bags around their trunks. During normal weather conditions, these bags need to be filled once a week. In dry or drought conditions, the bag needs to be filled twice a week.

More than 2,000 trees in Kitchener require supplementary watering this year. In neighbourhoods where trees have recently been planted, the city is asking residents to water newly planted trees near their property. With residents’ help, regular watering will:

  1.            Help the recently planted tree re-establish its root system;
  2.            Increase the survival rate of recently planted trees

You can find more information in this article from The Record.

Here’s where we are at now

In the summer of 2016 a drought put strain on newly planted trees and the City of Kitchener asked residents to lend a hand to help the trees. One year later we are happy to announce the trees are thriving thanks to you. Here are some pictures from around Kitchener. If you take a pic of green spaces in your area share it with us on Twitter @WilliamsburgCA using #LoveMyHood 

Planting trees in Kitchener

From @jenalmeida78 on Twitter

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