The Williamsburg Community Association runs a number of different community programs throughout the year and we want you to join!  Have a look, sign up and we look forward to seeing you there.

Fall Programs

Please note – In light of the current COVID-19 situation, the WCA’s  programming looks much different. We are unable to offer as many classes and the indoor classes have great limitations.

Regardless, we are giving programs a try and we hope you will join us!

Please read through before registering to ensure you understand some of the changes you might experience this fall program session.

** MASKS **

Masks MUST be worn inside of the community centre up to and until you are participating in an exercise class. At that point they may be removed but must be put back on immediately after class and before you leave the program room. This includes children.


Please do not get us wrong! We love having you at the centre, however, we are a small (but mighty) place which means our capacity during COVID is very limited. Please do not come early for a program and please leave promptly after class to ensure space for the class that is next.


Due to limited capacity at the centre please note it is best if you drop your child off and pick them up again after class. Please note lines may have to be formed outside of the centre to control distancing and crowding.


In the event of rain or snow, please check all social media and your email for a cancellation notification. We will not be phoning participants. You will receive a credit on your account for any weather cancellations.

Soccer, Basketball, Parent & Child Soccer and Parent & Child Floor Hockey Note – Due to restrictions, these classes will focus on drills and skill development – we are not able to play a game during class.


Some of our classes will be running in person at the centre whilst simultaneously being streamed over Zoom for those wishing to register for and enjoy the class at home.

By participating in these classes, it is important to be aware that there is potential that you may be viewed in the live stream video by the virtual participants. Upon your registration into this class, you hereby consent and give permission for this program to be streamed live.  Please note efforts will be taken to minimize participants from being in the line of filming.

You can find our Virtual Program Policies here. 

** If you have a Leisure Access card you wish you use, please email before registering. **