Winter Programming Begins January 8th. Registration begins December 7th.

All programs will be designed to ensure compliance with current regulations as set by the Province of Ontario and Waterloo Region Public Health and are subject to change. If information changes, program updates will be sent out accordingly. Strict physical distancing MUST be followed.


Participants of children’s programming must keep their mask on for the duration of the program. Adult physical programming (Zumba, Yoga, Pilates) participants must keep their masks on until class starts. While you are permitted to take your mask off once these classes start, we ask that you keep them on before and after class. Of course, participants are encouraged to wear their masks at all times if at all possible.  ALL NON PHYSICAL PROGRAMMING MUST LEAVE MASKS ON FOR DURATION OF YOUR TIME IN THE PROGRAM BUILDING.

All non participants must leave their mask on while in the building. Please use the hand sanitizer upon entering as well.

Program times are staggered to reduce/eliminate contact between classes as much as possible. Please arrive on time and not early as this makes traffic flow and distancing more difficult. IF YOU ARE EARLY PLEASE WAIT IN YOUR CAR UNTIL CLOSER TO CLASS TIME. Double vaccinated Parents/Guardians may wait during programming in the church or community centre in the corridor area.

Before you come to your program, please make sure you and your child(ren) pass the screening test. Even NON participants should take this test if they plan to enter the building.