About Us


Who we are:

The Williamsburg Community Association (WCA) was formed in 2008 and our mandate is to develop closer relationships among residents.  The Williamsburg Community Association a non-denominational, non-partisan association working to preserve and enhance the quality of life within the Williamsburg community through inclusive programming for all ages. A small and very hard working group of volunteers spent countless hours working behind the scenes, forming the Association as we know it today.

Our purpose is:

  • To develop closer relations among residents and a friendly community spirit within the Williamsburg community
  • To provide an open forum for members to voice opinions on community concerns in a supportive and impartial manner
  • To be non-denominational and non-partisan
  • To encourage and facilitate co-operation among organizations and agencies providing service to the community
  • To provide recreation activities within the geographic area of the community association with the objective of encouraging participation of all residents of the area and in all age groups
  • To provide when feasible such common services or facilities as are deemed in the best interest of the community
  • To preserve and enhance the quality of life in the Williamsburg community

We work with:

The Williamsburg Community Association has a relationship of cooperation and teamwork with the City of Kitchener Community Services Department. The City of Kitchener operates the Williamsburg Community Centre. City staff supervise the centre, coordinate all operations including bookings, rentals and also ensure that the centre’s policies and procedures are followed by all users. They also assist the Association in implementing programs and events for the community.

Here’s a little peek into our history:

Williamsburg Community Opening