A Walking Adventure Through Williamsburg

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As our lovely neighbourhood grows and matures, the inviting activities within walking distance increases! There are a few ways you can really enjoy Williamsburg that cost you nothing but time and we promise you, it is time well spent.

  1. Geocaching – If you are not yet familiar with geocaching, we highly recommend you check it out. Take your smartphone or GPS and go on a treasure hunt! Visit https://www.geocaching.com/ to find out how to get started. We have several Geocaches hidden in our area including our very own #LoveMyHood Williamsburg Cache!  Click here to find the coordinates for it. (HINT – This picture is not a spoiler, it is not in the location the picture was taken 🙂 )IMG_2110
    1. Little Libraries – These little gems are a wonderful way to go on a walking adventure and pick up a great read while you are at it! We are fortunate in Williamsburg to have some very generous neighbours that offer these Little Libraries on their property for their neighbours to enjoy. They always appreciate book donations as well to keep up the book supply. Click here to see where you can find them. We even have a joint indoor Little Library at the Chartwell Westmount Retirement Residence!

      3. Parks – We have some great park space in our area! Our main park, Max Becker Common, serves as a fabulous multi purpose space for field sports, picnics, playground fun and of course many great events over the year such as Neighbours Day Movie in the Park in June and the Annual Williamsburg Festival in September.maxOf course, Max Becker Common is not the only park in Williamsburg! Here is a map that shows where you can find all of our parks and green spaces.Williamsburg Parks.jpg

      Green spaces are an excellent place for field sports, family picnics, meditation, kite flying and so much more.

      4. While you are out and about why not consider leaving some Kindness Rocks behind? These are an initiative we are promoting in our community to help spread good feelings and kindness in our little part of the world. You never know when you will stumble across a kindness rock to brighten your day! We would love to see your creations with Instagram hashtags #wcarocks #wcaphoto #thekindnessrocksproject

      kindnessrocks.jpgGet out there and enjoy our neighbourhood today! Don’t forget to show us your adventures by using the hashtag #wcaphoto

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